Editorial 2013

Exchange is the motto of ad hoc music´s 9th edition. Exchange between international improvisors of different cultural backgrounds and musical perceptions in Europe and far beyond.

It´s about the exchange of musical messages and the materials utilized that are appropriated, processed and fed back by the respective partners.

Everything starts with conversation and the used vocabulary.

What emerges – consensus or confrontation? 
Do you discover similarities or obstacles? 
Do you take over ideas or present your own proposals?
What is working, what is failing in a different context? 
Alienation – enrichment or taboo-infringement?

From October onwards, the organisers of the improvised music series ad hoc music 2013 want to offer answers to these and many more intriguing questions.

The Förderkreis Jazz und Malerei München e.V. and the friends of improvised music of the Offene Ohren e.V. do invite you cordially to come and listen, to participate, and to Exchange!

The organisers would like to thank the Kulturreferat München for its continuous help allowing to present the ninth edition of ad hoc music.